I am a massive fan of anything that is remote controlled. This stems from my childhood when my Grandfather would take me to a local RC flying club and I would dream about having my own RC models someday.

Can You Buy RC Excavators?

Can You Buy RC Excavators? Yes you can! and its quite surprising how many different RC Excavators and heavy-duty equipment can be found. Although I have plenty of RC Cars, I was pleasantly surprised when I found that I could get my hands on some RC construction equipment. I was originally looking for Excavators but […]

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RC Crawler on Rocks

What is an RC Crawler?

What is an RC Crawler? Rock crawling has always been about conquering tough terrains and overcoming impossible obstacles. This thrill is captured by a specific vehicle type known as the RC crawler. These machines are engineered to mimic the rock-crawling like the full-sized vehicles, such as the iconic Land Rover Defender and the Jeep Wrangler

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Radio Control Tracks Near Me

If you enjoy radio control cars and want to elevate your hobby, consider finding a track near you for an exciting experience. When selecting a track, factors like location, accessibility, layout, and design should be taken into account. Joining a track can provide opportunities for community engagement, skill enhancement, and professional guidance. Before visiting a

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