What Is The Best Remote Control Car For A Dog To Chase? – Buyers Guide

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What Is The Best Remote Control Car For A Dog To Chase?

Young dogs have masses of energy and love to chase things, especially things that go fast and make noise! That’s why getting an RC car for your dog to chase is an ideal toy. But what is the best RC Car for a dog to chase? There are quite a few factors to take into account when choosing the right Rc car for your dog to chase.

In this article, we will find out just that and we will also include some factors you might not have thought about when choosing an RC car for your Dog to play with.

How do you choose the best RC car for a dog to chase?

To be able to answer this question you need to take a few things into account, lets run through them;

What breed of dog?

The breed of the dog determines how robust your RC car should be. For example, a heavier stronger breed has a larger build, mouth, and teeth compared to a smaller one.

So, if the larger breed manages to get a hold of the RC car with its mouth you would hope that the car would be tough enough for you to be able to get it back with minimal damage.

Also, some breeds don’t have bags of energy and only require small amounts of play, so choosing a ridiculously fast RC car for your dog to chase might not be the best option.


What is the terrain like?

When choosing the best RC car for your Dog to chase you should take into account the terrain.

Some RC cars are built with particular terrain in mind. Some may have high suspension and four-wheeled drive making them ideal for rocky, sandy, and uneven terrain.

Whereas, some RC cars are built for flat terrain like asphalt. These cars are more rigid, have stiffer suspensions, and are built for speed. But, hit a bump and you will quickly see your car rolling down the road.

When playing with your dog, in any situation, you should always consider the area. For example, you should never allow your dog to chase your RC car on a busy road, or near to cliff edges.

How fast is your dog?

You can achieve incredible speeds with today’s RC cars with some being able to achieve speeds of over 60 mph!

Obviously, that would be a little excessive for most dogs but you will need to get a car that is suitable for your dog’s speed.

Dogs are also very agile, this should be taken into account when deciding on the best RC car for your particular dog to chase. You will require one that can twist and turn quickly and accelerate and stop when needed.

How long will you be playing with your dog?

Finally, you want your RC car to be able to go for as long as your dog has energy. Working out how long you will be doing this activity with your dog will help you decide how much your car’s battery needs to last.

Some RC cars come with extra battery packs that can be brought along and switched out easily when your inserted battery runs flat.

What are the benefits of choosing the best RC car for a dog to chase?

By taking the extra time to choose what is the best RC car for your dog to chase you will avoid making an expensive mistake, or worse injuring your dog.

If you pick the wrong car you may find that it gets broken really quickly. Either due to insufficient suspension or because your dog manages to out-chase it and damage it once it has a hold of it.

If your RC car doesn’t give enough of a challenge to your dog, you may find that they grow bored quite quickly too.

By asking yourself the previous questions you should be able to narrow down a few choices of RC cars that are suitable for you and your dog.

Our recommendations

We have put together some of the current RC cars that are suitable for your dog to chase and the reasons why.

LAEGENDARY RC Carsm – 1:16 Scale, 4X4, Black & Yellow

Best RC Trcuk For a Dog to Chase

The Laegendary RC Carsm is a robust inexpensive RC Car that is built for tougher terrain and can reach speeds of 40 km/h.

It comes with two batteries that last for 40 minutes each so that a combined play time of over an hour. Your dog should be shattered after that!

With a range of up to 250 ft, you will be able to let your dog chase it over quite some distance.

HYPER GO H16DR – 1:16 Scale, Monster Truck, 4×4

Rc Cars for Dogs to Chase

The GO H16DR has four-wheel drive and boasts oil-filled shockers that enable smooth driving over uneven terrain.

This RC car comes with a top speed of 27 mph and comes with two battery packs allowing for up to 80 minutes of run time.

TENSSENX – 1:18 Scale, Monster Truck, 4X4

Ideal RC car for dog to play with and chase

The TENSSENX is another inexpensive hobby range RC car that offers high durability, tough suspension and a top speed of over 40 km/h.

With a waterproof ESC and an extra shell to switch when the first one becomes damaged you will find that this RC car is a great choice for your dog to chase, and will last for many play times to come.

Final Thoughts

Using a Remote Control car to play with your dog is an excellent idea and one that you will both get joy out of. Make sure to remember to keep safe and regularly maintain your RC car to continue having fun for many play sessions to come.

Hopefully, with the guidance of this article, you will have some idea of the best choice of RC car for your dog to chase, and together you will be able to enjoy this hobby together for many years.