Why Are RC Cars So Expensive?

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Why Are RC Cars So Expensive?

Ever wondered why RC cars are so expensive? In this article, we will go over whether or not they are expensive and if there is any cheaper alternative RC car for those on a tighter budget.

RC cars can be considered toys by some, that might be why they are thought of as expensive. It may be just a matter of looking for the right RC car for your budget.

What Is A Good Price For An RC Car?

To be able to answer this question, we need to be able to understand your budget and what type of RC car you require. Obviously, we don’t know that, so we have put together some price brackets to enable you to understand what RC car you can get for your money.

RC Car Racing

$20 – $50 (Toy Range)

The very lowest price for an RC car starts at around $20 and will get you what is described as a toy. Not built to last very long and is made from cheap materials. These RC cars are aimed more at children and can’t be upgraded or used in severe conditions.

The frequency range on an RC car in this price range is generally shorter, due to it using a cheap transmitter.

$50 – $100 (Beginner Hobbyist)

The next step up in the budget is in the $50 to $100 range, and this is the ideal place for beginner RC car enthusiasts to be looking.

These cars are still on the lower end and will have some extra functionality like reverse and a full range of steering.

You should be able to get an RC car that has a speed of around 25-30 mph in this price range. Meaning that you will still have plenty of fun.

The RC cars in this price range are n to intended to be used in wet conditions and you will find it hard to find replacement parts if you do damage your car.

Top-Tip: Maybe think about buying a used RC car. If you have $100 you can get a really good used RC car that you will be less worried about damaging because it is used. Plus you will get something a little better than you would have got new.

$100 – $500 (Weekend Hobbyist)

Now we are starting to get into the more serious buyers end of the RC car scene.

The cars at this end of the scale tend to be a lot more durable, have interchangeable parts and you will find spare parts readily available.

These RC cars have a lot more going on under the hood and require a little bit of knowledge before using. With these RC cars reaching speeds above 65 mph you should really be careful when using one.

The 4×4 RC cars in this price range are made to be driven in the toughest conditions and are built with the expectation of the owner crashing them.

$500 – $1k+ (Professional)

The top end of the price range is where the professional buyers are. RC cars can go upward of $1000 but these cars are made from top-of-the-range materials including, alloy, carbon fibre and gold.

These RC cars are generally custom-made and are built up of lots of pieces that add up to a lot of money.

Professional RC car drivers are trying to get the very most out of their cars, especially in races where 1/100 of a second is important.

What Is The Most Expensive RC Car?

The most expensive RC car on the market is the $10,000 Ferrari 250 GTO. This car is made with very high-quality materials, such as alloy and carbon fibre, which is why it is so expensive. It also comes with a gold-plated chassis to give it that extra touch of class.

This car is not for the regular person and is definitely not a toy. It is made for RC car collectors who want one-of-a-kind models.

Are RC Cars Overpriced?

The price of RC cars rises as the quality gets better. So you could say you get what you pay for.

RC cars are reasonably priced providing you stick to your budget. A beginner should only look in the $50 – $100 range and should get hours of fun.

Obviously, if you want to get more serious about RC cars are going to have to pay more, but as the technology gets better the prices get higher. This is fair considering the amount of expertise that is needed to produce cutting-edge RC cars.

What Is The Cheapest RC Car?

The cheapest RC car on the market at the time of writing this article is the Tecnock 1:14 Scale RC Car Remote Control Car this can be purchased for just $13.99.

Although the Tecnock is regarded as a toy, you can get speeds of 25 km/h and comes with two rechargeable battery packs.

Are RC Cars A Waste Of Money?

Providing the user is actually making use of his RC car, no RC cars are not a waste of money. You need to be able to get plenty of hours in using your car and have fun doing so.

An RC car is meant to be used it’s not meant to be sat on a shelf like a model car. The fact that they have engines means that they need to be driven and enjoyed.

RC cars are brilliant fun and get people outside enjoying themselves.

Final Words

There you have it, we hope you have found our article on Why RC cars are so expensive helpful. We have tried to answer this question and give you an understanding of what goes into making one of these machines and why you may need to pay a little more than desired if you want to get a little more serious in the sport.