Why Is My RC Car Not Turning? Plus How To Fix It Now

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Why Is My RC Car Not Turning?

When you get a new remote control car, the first thing you want to do is take it for a spin. But if your car isn’t turning as it should, you will be left feeling disappointed. Here are four possible reasons why your RC car isn’t turning properly – and how to fix them.

There could be many reasons to why your Rc Car is not turning as the steering mechanisms within RC cars can be quite fragile and have lots of moving parts in and around them. Read on to troubleshoot why your RC car is struggling to turn.

1. The battery could be low.

If your RC car’s battery is low, it won’t have enough power to turn the wheels properly. This could be down to there not being enough power going to the servo.

To fix this, simply charge the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If the problem still continues you might have a faulty battery.

If this is the case you should replace it with a new one.

2. The remote control could be faulty.

If your RC car isn’t responding to the remote control, it could be because the remote is faulty.

Check that there isn’t any damage to the controller, especially around the steering control. You may have debris or dust stuck in the mechanism.

Try taking the remote apart using a screwdriver and checking inside the casing in case there is something that isn’t readily noticeable.

Another reason why your controller might be faulty is flat batteries. Try replacing the batteries in the remote, and if that doesn’t work, you may need to buy a new remote.

RC car steering arm
Check for damage to your RC car’s steering arm.

3. The wheels could be blocked.

If your RC car’s wheels are blocked by something, they won’t be able to turn properly. Check to make sure there’s nothing blocking the wheels.

Things can get easily lodged within areas that are not easily accessed. Try taking the shell of the RC car and have a look along the steering column and servos.

Check around the electronics to make sure that there is no obvious damage. Also, check the steering servo, it could be damaged and unable to produce the power to move the wheels left and right.

Dirty RC Truck
Dirty Wheels Can Cause Steering Problems

4. The car could be damaged.

If your RC car crashes or is otherwise damaged, it may not be able to turn properly.

Check that the chassis hasn’t any damage, if the car has been involved in a crash you might find that a piece of the chassis may be caught within the steering mechanism.

Whilst checking the chassis you may want to check the steering arms, suspension, wheels, and tires. Make sure that the screws and bolts are tight, if they are not apply some Loctite and tighten.

Some repairs are beyond a novice and should only be attempted by a competent person. Failing that you may need to purchase some new parts.

How Do RC Cars Steer?

Remote control cars, or RC cars, are vehicles that are controlled by remote control.

RC cars work by using a transmitter to send signals to a receiver on the car. The receiver then sends these signals to a servo, which controls the steering and throttle.

The servo is connected to the steering arm and controls its movement. It works by converting the electrical signals from the receiver into mechanical energy, which turns the wheels.

The throttle is also controlled by the servo and regulates the speed of the car. By increasing or decreasing the amount of power going to the motor, the servo can make the car go faster or slower.

Final Thoughts

It can be extremely frustrating when you have a problem with your RC car like it not turning. We hope this article has given you some ideas in which you can investigate the problem and fix it without too much stress.